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Businesses and Homeowners Save Big Money Using NASA-Inspired TVSS Technology

Generated from NASA technology
If your home or business is located in the Texas Hill Country, you’re probably not getting clean power. This may be costing you much more than you know! Now you can protect your electronic equipment and appliances at the source with TVSS!
Central Texas residents and businesses are provided power by a variety of companies who are challenged to deliver clean and consistent power to their customers. Long runs of electrical wires running across the hilly topography introduce several sources of high power surges.

Some of these surges result from lightning, which is 20 times more prevalent in Texas than in most other states. As in California, power company brownouts and blackouts also plague Central Texas. Flash floods, high winds, and ice storms are are also likely to cause power problems for Central Texas residents.

Your power quality can create real problems.
Austin Energy explains, "Power quality problems can vary in severity, ranging from brief malfunctions to immediate equipment failure. Losing critical computer data to a blackout or experiencing damage to ...medical equipment caused by a lightning strike are just two examples."

Lightning is a frequent visitor in the hill country.
Each time a power station switches power sources, every time wind, a tree, flooding, or ice brings a line down, and when lightning strikes (even up to five miles away from your powered equipment), the resulting high intensity voltages damage and shorten the lifespan of motors, lights, and sensitive and non-sensitive electronic equipment in your home or business.

These “transient voltages” occur far more often than you would think, but did you know that your own electrical equipment is also creating excessive power surges?

Consider this…
Have you seen your lights dim when your air conditioner turns on? That “flickering” is due to the sudden depletion of power whenever your air conditioner kicks on, followed by a brief, massive power surge exceeding recommended voltages for every electrical device in your home or business.

These surges are similar in destructive force to low intensity or far away lightning strikes, and these internally generated transients can easily happen in the hundreds, even thousands of instances an hour in a typical small to medium sized business. This can have a very negative and cumulative effect on the efficiency of your equipment and lighting, which eventually translates into a more expensive power bill every month!

But what about power strip surge protectors?
These are the last line of defense against lightning for any equipment you plug into the strip. It is a smart idea to put these anywhere you have a computer, stereo equipment, television, or any other expensive electronic devices. And they work…at least for a while.

However, over time, these strips usually loose the ability to effectively stop surges after they have interrupted a large number of these transient voltages or they cease to function properly immediately after taking a single surge above their rated capacity. You probably would never suspect this. And then your equipment begins to take the electrical hits and aging prematurely. Your equipment eventually dies. You may attribute this death to “normal” wear and tear, but it is likely that high transient voltages had something to do with hastening the funeral.

The international electrical industry’s experts, the IEEE, recommends a multi-layered approach to surge and transient protection. They suggest, in effect, that we should also have a great big surge protector for our entire building…not rely solely on the last line of defense. This approach is already recognized in Europe, as modern building codes there require a TVSS at the service entrance of any new business site or the building does not receive approval for construction.

So what do you do to protect your service where power enters your home or business?

TVSS protection at the source
Welcome to the concept of the Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor, or TVSS! A TVSS is an industrial capacity electronic device that is installed right at your breaker panel, and serves as the front line defense against the frequent and higher than normal voltages that come across your power lines.

These TVSS devices are built using technology developed by NASA for the space flight program and require a licensed electrician for installation. These devices once were available only from very large conglomerates like GE and The Seimans Group.

Now TVSS systems are being installed into businesses and homes of all sizes in Central Texas and the Hill Country. Where once this technology used to be too expensive to make sense for small businesses and concerned homeowners, the technology has now become affordable.

But what do you do to stop the transients your AC, motors, and other equipment generate? Here’s the good news! The installation of a properly designed TVSS will solve this issue too!

Having a new home built? Moving a business to the Hill Country?
Request front line protection for your entire home or business, protecting computers, home theatre equipment, expensive appliances - all your electronic investments - right at the power entry of your home. Businesses find this system invaluable in saved production and equipment maintenance costs alone!

The next time there is a big thunderstorm or power outage, be sure to unplug any unprotected valuable electronic equipment before the damage hits. Or, the next time you replace a light bulb, a motor burns out, or your TV, Video Player, or Computer won't power up, remember you probably could have saved that equipment from an early demise.

Take a tip from the experts...
And save yourself some serious time and money by installing a TVSS grid of protection. As they say, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Useful Links and Resources:

» Surges Happen! An informative U.S. Department of Commerce Publication
» National Lightning Safety Institute (NLSI): A non-profit, non-product advocacy of lightning safety for both people and structures
» Austin Energy
» IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.

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